Columbia SC Airport Shuttle

All-Inclusive, No Extra Charges, Tip, Taxes, Traffic Stops, Credit Card Fees, No Surge Prices, Flat Rate Waiting Included. Sit Back Relax and Enjoy. Instant Price – No Other Charges – Cancel Any Time
All-Inclusive, No Extra Charges, Tip, Taxes, Traffic Stops, Credit Card Fees, No Surge Prices, Flat Rate Waiting Included. Sit Back Relax and Enjoy. Instant Price – No Other Charges – Cancel Any Time

Columbia SC Airport Shuttle LLC

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We have every kind of transportation for every budget.  We guarantee your safety on every ride.
Our pledge to you: We will call you on your phone before picking up. Tell you the driver’s name, color and make of car and license plate number. We will be with you on the phone when he picks you up to make sure you’re satisfied with your ride. Formoree info go to Affiliate

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Specializing in ground transportation at

Columbia Metropolitan Airport | CAE | Columbia, SC |

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Online Reservations


Why ride with us? Fill in the easy app or call 800-699-7684 24/7

No Surging
Fast, flexible rides. Available, request a ride on demand that works around your life.
We cover the entire USA using local drivers in your area offices. They will call you after you place your order. You don’t have to beg for a ride, we are waiting to pick you up.

Trips that fit your budget.
The price of our rides is very comparable or lower than our competition. We email you a specialized form to outline all charges including tips, taxes, and credit card fees.

Where we go.
Everywhere and right away.
Specialized drivers to assist you.
Every person driving with us has completed a certification course offered by a third party to help you enter and exit the vehicle.First aid kits in every car.

How to Ride with Us
Read more about how riding works.

1. Request
Open the app and enter your destination in the “Where to?” box. Once you confirm your pickup and destination addresses are correct, select the type of vehicle at the bottom of your screen. Then tap Confirm. Or call 800-699-7684 and talk to a live operator in your area.
Place your credit card information in the box or give it to the operator.

2. Ride
Your driver has your destination and directions for the fastest way to get there, but you can always request a specific route.

3. Exit the vehicle
You’ll be automatically charged through your credit card on file, so you can exit as soon as you arrive.
Remember to rate your driver to help keep our service safe and enjoyable for everyone.




Step 1
Choose your ride and bring

Traveling with a group? On your own? For business or vacation? We’ve got options for your budget and travel plans.


Book ahead

Pay ahead at a set price. No hidden fees or surge pricing. You can even add a tip in advance.




Door to door reliable service. A qualified, trained driver arrives during your pick-up window to guarantee an on-time drop off.

Commonly asked questions

Can I bring that?

Surfboards, skis, golf clubs, oversize bags – if you’re planning on traveling with large items, contact your Columbia SC Airport Shuttle LLC provider to make additional arrangements.

What about car seats?

Car seats are available at select Columbia SC Airport Shuttle LLC airport locations. Please contact your local Columbia SC Airport Shuttle LLC office to learn more.

Are you accessible?

Columbia SC Airport Shuttle LLC is proud to offer service to all customers, including those using wheelchairs if you can get out of the chair and into the van or special car. Please let us know when you book if you require an accessible vehicle so we can accommodate you.

How many stops will we make?

Your driver may make a few stops along the way to let your fellow passengers out, but this will vary based on the time of day, time of year, and the number of passengers.

How do I change a reservation?

Visit our manage trip page to view or edit an existing reservation. There’s even an option to resend your itinerary if needed.